Minecraft Still Holds Up

Minecraft Still Holds Up Salvador Gomez
Journalism Per.2
Do not judge a game by its graphics, but it’s gameplay. When players play with their friends, anything is possible. From working together to trolling each other, Minecraft multiplayer takes it to the next level.

Many people play Minecraft every day; however, playing Minecraft alone could get boring. That is why many players play with others. Victor Robles, a freshmen in Tech & Media Magnet academy said, “I always have to play with others.” Playing with friends lets players have a better time or a worst time. In some versions of Minecraft, players can connect to different servers around the world. Luis Vargas, a freshmen in Tech & Media Magnet academy said, “It’s amazing on the computer version! There are many servers and endless fun!”

Players can play Minecraft locally or online. So far, the computer version is the most updated version and has better servers than the other versions. Vargas said that he usually plays the computer version instead of the console versions because the console versions lag, when people use something online with a bad internet connection it makes what they are doing take a longer time to load a lot.

Despite the lag, players can still play Minecraft with friends at a good frame rate. When players play online they can talk with their friends by using a headset, and they can interact with each other and the environment or they could troll. Trolling is when someone keeps doing things aimed to upset someone so they get an angry response. Robles said, “It’s really good and enhances gameplay; it also makes building stuff faster, lag is rare after it goes away.”

When players play Minecraft locally on consoles, their screen is split depending on the number of players, so that they can share it with their friends. Robles said, “the split screen feels kind of cramped, but it’s still good.” He also said that when playing Minecraft locally there is usually never lag.

Minecraft is a very popular game that is enjoyed to this day, especially when players play with friends. It doesn’t matter if players play locally or online the game still has good frame rate and not much lag which makes this game enjoyable, although its graphics look really old.


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