Vanesa Macedo Makes a Change

Vanesa Macedo Makes a Change Salvador Gomez
Sometimes students have to make a change for their future. Vanesa Macedo has to balance her time so that she can do all her work. She believes that if someone wants to see a change, they have to be the change.

Macedo is the youngest of her siblings. She said, “I have two brothers and four sisters, I am the youngest.” Macedo also enjoys doing other activities. She said, “I enjoy playing soccer, reading, and eating!” Macedo currently works at McDonalds as a cashier. She works all summer and on weekends during school and gets paid $9 an hour. She needs the money for college and senior dues. Macedo said, “I am a senior and there are lots of senior dues and activities I want to be in. I also need money for college.” Macedo also goes to the gym or spends time with her family whenever she can. She said, “I often go to the gym when I have time, or I spend time with my family.”

When Macedo became a senior she thought it was going to be like every other year; it was not like she expected. Macedo is constantly doing something for school or work. She said, “the hardest part in my life is trying to hold everything together, because I’m constantly doing something.” From taking orders in McDonalds to finishing homework, Macedo is always doing something. “I am either working on projects for school, working at my job, or practicing to get better at soccer.” Macedo is constantly striving for a better future by sacrificing her time now so that she can work and get good grades, to have a better future. Although she is really busy, she finds time to do other things like stay healthy and spend time with her family.


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