America’s Recycle Day

America’s Recycle Day
Salvador Gomez
Journalism Per.2
Every year, the United States of America generates about 220 million tons of garbage. America’s Recycle day is here to get rid of some waste and help make America a cleaner place to live.
America’s Recycle day is an event that takes place in the U.S. on November 15. It encourages people in America to help clean up and recycle. But, not many people know about America’s Recycle day. However, the people who do know about it, believe that it is a great idea. Rosa Romo, a freshman in the Tech & Media Magnet said, “It is a great way to help the community and the environment by picking up harmful trash that harms the world.”

Many people do not know where the recycled trash goes. Cesar Donlucas, a freshman in the Business & Innovation small school said, “Doesn’t the trash just go into the dump and gets incinerated?” Many people believe that trash is just incinerated and that’s it. The truth is that after the trash is incinerated, it is shipped to other places around the world and is used as landfill. If people were to go to a landfill, they probably would not know about the trash by looking at it since it is covered by patches of grass.

Many people recycle, and it’s usually just for money. Some students believe that people should not get paid for recycling, but it is a good idea because it gives people a reason to recycle. Jessy Gayosso, a freshman in the Justice & Law small school said, “ It is good, but it is also bad because people just do it for the money, not their health.” Littering has led to a massive pollution that does not just affect nature, but humans as well. If people keep littering the world will soon be consumed by it’s own garbage. America’s Recycle day is here to inspire people to clean it all up.


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