Majora’s Mask Review

Salvador Gomez
72 Hours Remain to Save the World

The land of Termina will soon meet with a terrible fate. With the power of mask, Link will travel across the land and time, in order to stop the moon from crashing down on Termina.

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D is a remake of the odd and spooky classic. In this game Link must save the land of Termina by transforming into different species of creatures, each with their own unique ability. Link must also save the world before the moon falls in three days. The greatest strength about Majora’s Mask are the huge compilation of side quests. Anthony Frias, a freshman from Justice & Law small school said, “It is hard and stressful to try to pass the game in three days, that is what makes Majora’s Mask awesome!”

The story of Majora’s Mask is unlike any other Zelda game. In Majora’s Mask Link starts out by looking for a lost friend, when he is suddenly attacked by two fairies. Link falls off his horse Epona, as a character known as the Skull Kid with a peculiar mask, steals Link’s belongings and Epona. Link gives chase and falls into a trap.

The Skull Kid then uses the power of the mask, also known as Majora’s Mask to turn Link into a Deku Scrub. One of the fairies known as Tatl is left behind while the Skull Kid and her brother Tael escape. Link and Tatl team up and give chase to the Skull Kid. Then they encounter the happy mask salesman, who offers to change Link back to normal if he returns Majora’s Mask. So Link exits out the door and finds himself in a place called Clock Town, he then explores the town while he happens to notice that the moon is getting closer every day. On the third and last day, the clock tower opens and he enters it to fight the Skull Kid.

He manages to get the ocarina of time back, and he uses it to travel back in time to restart the three day cycle. Esai Morales a freshman from Health, Science, and Environment said, “The three day cycle makes the game perfect, there are tons of side quest and there are some that must be done in the three day cycle.” Link then learns a melody from the mask salesman that helps him return to his normal form. The Deku powers he had, turned into a mask that he can use to transform again when he puts it on.

Link can now travel to the four regions in Termina, so that he can free the four giants that will help him save the world. After getting all four giants, Link is ready to confront the Skull Kid. He climbs the clock tower once more and summons the giants. The giants stop the moon from falling, but Majora’s Mask that the Skull Kid was wearing comes to life and goes in the moon. Link then jumps inside the moon’s Mouth and confronts and defeats Majora.

Players must learn to manage their time unless they want to have a lot of pressure. Players can change their items and mask on the bottom screen. The bottom screen also has a map, and the life and magic meters. Link has four transformation mask that allow him to change into other species including a Deku Scrub, a Goron, a Zora, and the last mask is a secret to everybody. Morales said, “I like the mask, they have their own unique ability and are really fun to use.” The Deku Scrub allows link to use flowers to fly to other locations and spit bubbles. The Goron can carry very heavy objects, roll at great speeds, and is the strongest of these three. Finally the Zora, the Zora is a really good swimmer, has boomerang projectiles and can breathe under water. The last mask is obtained by getting the other 23 masks. The gameplay is pretty easy. Link basically has to save the world in three days, if he fails, he can use the ocarina to restart the three day cycle. Morales said, “It was awesome, and exciting because you have a time limit to save the world.”

This remake includes new things that are meant to enhance the experience in Majora’s Mask. The first change is obviously the graphics, Majora’s Mask looks outstanding in 3D! Two fishing ponds have been added to give players more things to do. Frias said, “The graphics from the N64 version of the game made it look freaky, but now it looks better.” A few side quest were added and the bosses were also changed up quite a bit. The user interphase is also better now, the clock that tells players what time it is, is easier to use.

The only bad change is the Zora’s swimming, it used to be really fun to use because the Zora used to swim like a dolphin and it was fast. It has been slowed down and it can’t swim like a dolphin unless magic powered is used, and it runs out fast. The save system is also different, players could only save and exit and then continue when they come back, but now it is permanent save which allows players to continue their save point without the rest of their progress being deleted. One last enhancement is the use of a 360 degree camera; however, the Circle Pad Pro or the New Nintendo 3DS XL are required to use this function, but are not necessary to play the game.

Despite the new changes, Majora’ Mask 3d is a really good game. The only thing against it in my opinion is the swimming, but it is very minor. My final rating for this game is a 9/10. I highly recommend Majora’s Mask to newcomers to The Legend of Zelda series.



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