Girls try out for tennis

Girls try out for tennis

Every year many students ask themselves if they should try out for a sport. Thirty-five girls are attempting to make it onto the girl’s tennis team by demonstrating their potential.

“I have learned that I can compare tennis to my life. For me, tennis changed my daily life, I learned that you must have respect and patience in tennis and toward your team mates,” said Kimberly Guardado, a former tennis player and junior from the Business & Innovation small school.

“Maybe 26 girls will make it onto the team, but it’s just an estimation. Since signups, only 35 girls have come to tryouts,” said Eduardo Rodriquez, the tennis coach. Tryouts for the girl’s tennis team started on Thursday, April 30 and end on Friday, May 8. Since tryouts have begun, girls have shown up, so that they can have a chance to join the girl’s tennis team. On Tuesday, May 5, Coach Rodriquez will begin cutting out the girls who were not able to make it into the team this year.

“When it is my senior year, I would like to get into league and go to the quarter finals,” said Jazmine Salazar, a junior in the Health & Science small school. Some students are entering tennis, because they want to win league in their senior year. Other players are returning as veterans or just really want to join. Evelyn Lopez, a past player and a sophomore from the Tech & Media Magnet said, “I can’t explain why I joined tennis. I just had a feeling that I really wanted to get in.”

Guardado is also a past player, she has been playing tennis since her freshman year, but she is still nervous that she might not make onto the team. She said, “Truthfully, I think that there might be possibilities that I will not get chosen or that I will get chosen, because if you are a returner, it does not mean that you will automatically be on the team, but everyone has an equal chance of getting to the girl’s tennis team.” Coach Rodriquez believes that Guardado is a good example of student athletes. He said, “Kimberly is one of those student athletes that you want as a coach, and a student that coaches enjoy teaching.”

Tennis has changed the life of some veteran players, so new players should know how to manage their time for tennis and their classes. Even the players that just joined are already experiencing different ways way that tennis has changed their lives. Salazar said, “Tennis is very relaxing and a stress reliever. Honestly, it helps me take things off my mind.”

Diana Jacobo, a junior in the Visual & Performing Arts small school said, “It is a big group of girls, but they will get better and better as they practice.” After barely a week of practice, the girls who are trying out are showing progress. The girl’s tennis team will be practicing over the summer so that they can be ready for the first semester of next year.



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